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Joey is a Content Creator at Gold Made Simple ® News and a PPE graduate from the University of York. He has previously worked for WAGTV and interned at the Institute of Economic Affairs, in addition to editing the student magazine The Backbencher. Joey is a fan of liberal, free-market societies.

Le Pen and Fed news squeeze Gold price from both sides

Photo Credit: Blandine Le Cain. Edited with TVScanline effect

Bulliondesk has reported today that spot gold prices were down 0.2% at $1,234.16/oz whilst silver was off 0.3%. Metals had a slight dip, with prices down 0.3% on average. Volume sits around 6,164 lots traded. The indifferent nature of the gold price today comes as a result shorter-term influencers effecting a long term, gradual upward […]

February 22nd, 2017 | Posted in Gold News,Mining | Read More »

Greenspan provides reasoning for gold price’s resilience

Photo credit: Financial times. Edited with TVScanline effect. Photo source: https://www.flickr.com/photos/financialtimes/5621905898/in/photolist-9yMJL3-9aqmBk-87NNJY-9yJHDx-gBQnHY-9GMQjr-9H2cuV-9H2AK4-9H29Zc-8RgCbY-9H4o9b-5x4wNY-9H4oou-cgcemW-9H4osU-9H4nM9-9H4nXN-m3aDK-fUAmg-eV2TYw-5ZLP6n-o3vQGf-hXgE27-8Qmchh-2BPYL-5wrcxf-3myrNh-9GvBGD-9H1uxM-5w1JEF-9H1u7F-9H1uXg-9H1tRX-9H1uik-9H1qdv-9H1v3r-9H4oCL-9H1v8z-9GvAUt-9H1uM2-9H1tWF-9H1q8H-5wZ9ot-JsZG7Y-5C2Trk-apv97A-qpxDpY-aQKw6-5zK1z7-6XFwxc

  The World Gold Council released the February edition of Gold Investor last Thursday, with an interview with Alan Greenspan on his outlook for 2017. The ex-chairman of the Federal Reserve explained that the West had gone through stagnant productivity growth, fuelled by the aging of the baby-boomer generation and the channeling of savings into […]

February 20th, 2017 | Posted in Analysis,Gold News | Read More »

Popular ‘anti-Trump’ candidate elected as German President – A backlash to a backlash?

Photo credit: SPD Schleswig-Holstein. Edited with TVScanline effect

2016 saw a strong swing towards populist politics with Brexit and the election of Donald Trump, and this year we see the growing threat of Marine Le Pen to the French establishment. These developments bode well for the gold price and other physical commodities for 2017 with economic and political uncertainty scaring off investors. Inflation expectations […]

February 13th, 2017 | Posted in Analysis | Read More »

Gold price ebbs off a high as U.S. economy proves robust

Photo Credit: Eric Golub. Edited using TVscanline effect. https://www.flickr.com/photos/sirqitous/4067836130/in/photolist-7csHXG-7coY72-7coSop-7csHDo-7ctmVR-7ctoqX-7ctoyv-7cxdMN-7ctoDp-6rRAyV-6rVMqE-9ggJCb-6E1fbo-6is4Nu-6DSikz-76qgQ4-6DWq61-6rH8Mh-6DWrsA-76ub8o-6DWnKy-76ucX7-76ubZm-7csCLN-6inYs8-6DSQPi-6DSd8F-JLVad8-6DSiDn-xs4Azv-xH9FFf-xrnyHy-xFEyBS-xHZiBk-xHZovt-xrnyZC-6E1889-6DW24R-6E1h8d-6DVZHe-6E1ePf-9gdJYe-7csqhJ-7cp3ex-7coZpp-7cp29M-76tQfu-76pMjt-7coAh2-76tHqw

The gold price has edged off its nearly week-long rise today. Data from bullionvault shows that prices have settled to $1,225.67/oz, down from yesterday’s peak of $1,242.68/oz, the highpoint since the weekend’s flatline of $1220.25/oz. The slowdown, in what looks to be a low-key bull market in gold, is attributable to ‘rising US wholesale inventories […]

February 10th, 2017 | Posted in Gold News | Read More »

Gold price rises again amid European election fears

Photo credit: Nicolas Raymond. Edited with Downward red line graph from PNGmart. TVScanline effect used.

Investors are holding off in the eurozone as the hotly contested French election draws near. This is proving a boon for the gold price as the National Front leader Marine Le Pen, who is a vocal economic protectionist and eurosceptic, asserts a strong position in the race. Bullionvault reported that ‘gold prices rose to $1240 […]

February 9th, 2017 | Posted in Gold News,Mining | Read More »

Gold ‘primed to rally’

Credit to Mark Herpel 'digitalmoneyworld' https://www.flickr.com/photos/digitalcurrency/ transformed using TVScnanline

Speaking exclusively to Gold Made Simple, head of multi-asset at Newscape and Atlas Pulse author Charles Morris, has identified a pending gold price upturn. ‘Last year, we saw the oil price double. Now we are seeing US wages rise as the economy approaches full capacity. Inflation can only go one way and that’s up. Historically, […]

February 3rd, 2017 | Posted in Gold News | Read More »

Gold price steady, slight rise as Fed confirms no change on rates

TVScanline effect used, credit to: 'ctj71081'

Yesterday the Federal Reserve announced its first policy decision since the inauguration of Donald Trump. As noted here, The Fed had all but confirmed a stall in rate hikes until more of the Trump administration’s economic policy is disclosed; the federal-funds rate remains between 0.5% and 0.75%. Brien Lundin, editor of Gold Newsletter, told Marketwatch […]

February 2nd, 2017 | Posted in Gold News | Read More »

Trump’s travel ban – another shakeup amongst many

Trump’s executive order, signed last Friday, known as the ‘travel ban’, is designed to temporarily suspend travel to the U.S. from ‘high risk’ countries; a summary of the above video, originally posted by The Telegraph is as follows: The travel ban bars citizens from Libya, Sudan, Somalia, Yemen, Syria, Iraq and Iran from entering the […]

January 31st, 2017 | Posted in Analysis,Gold and Silver Media | Read More »

The gold price appears indifferent while Doomsday Clock moves

Credit to "El_Enigma" edited w/tvscanline effect https://www.flickr.com/photos/marca-pasos/2969811799/in/photolist-bwfCAQ-5wr4zH-du6wbu-54buYe-7gVVSv-9KMHut-4ajJbS-9KQBn1-9KMNFa-UtNYE-8Mfmvr-9KQAi1-dj4Vaa-jVKrd-cy5B-7ABxMw-9KQvJo-9KMKNK-dFBkhH-aJPzk6-9KQupG-65JcrP-5GLURU-f6Vh5B-9KMJCZ-65JcH4-dqjZtz-9KME7r-5HJNeF-7uGiYQ-9KMDhH-7uGjT7-bvEsXF-57YLwB-7kSem6-cy5k-DFSsu8-6c1v67-4HMpkS-3rckhv-4HMpmY-DFuUy7-D8o2t8-5nixrW

The Bulletin of Atomic Scientists moved their Doomsday Clock from three minutes to midnight, to two and a half minutes to midnight yesterday. According to the clock, this is the closest the world has been to Doomsday since 1953 when the USA and USSR both tested nuclear weapons. The gold price has remained unaffected by […]

January 27th, 2017 | Posted in Gold News | Read More »

Gold maintains long-term prospects as Dow breaks 20,000 following Trump’s executive decisions

Credit: Alper Çuğun w/scanline modification https://www.flickr.com/photos/alper/5397723469/in/photolist-9dYK8K-5ExSq8-9NeZjm-od61e3-oVLXjq-c5GAjm-5qg7sp-9NeZjY-2bviC5-5jSC9U-555iYu-9NeZiu-5xjzZs-y7wii-9NcedD-LZpZ7-5UvBYH-2bviC3-8f6433-LZpZ9-4DC5FK-57bejb-57bekL-8BWkkn-55V6tA-awCkjK-55V6s1-6aFkF2-y7win-eSTRV-rd3V7-6Tjfv3-rd3V4-5fQdK-6jLXna-9wbLSG-6iYyc3-hQPmWp-7J99KS-6iAoiZ-j1fy9b-cpdZfQ-7v2dCc-8uupEf-7fD5sd-eVW1Z6-9VXYXq-6pQhns-cE6wjA-dCMnfD

Wednesday saw the Dow Jones Index, break 20,000 for the first time ever. Gold remains confused as to what direction it is heading in with prominent perks in both directions. Gold prices fell on Wednesday night as confidence in the U.S. economy increased, with investors seeing Trump’s decisiveness as a plus – February Comex gold […]

January 26th, 2017 | Posted in Gold News | Read More »

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