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Gold may go up on the continent if the ECB doesn’t act

The gold price has reached a near year high despite stock markets recovering, hitting $1357.17 in the early hours of this morning on the back of continuing geopolitical tensions and the weather storms hitting the US. It marks an increase of more than 1% compared to Wednesday’s closing price, and is up 17.6%, or $200, […]

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Gold is becalmed as US gives itself economic space

The gains in the gold price have calmed today after Washington reached a deal to extend the deadline on the Federal government’s debt ceiling, in conjunction with a stock market rally. Gold reached a peak of $1,340.56 yesterday, before dropping to a low of $1,322.92. Today shows a marked improvement, with a rise up to […]

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Gold price stays strong but outlook weighed by potential US political progress  

The gold price has risen in accordance with ongoing tensions in North Korea, and as markets continue to digest the global equity fall. Spot gold at time of writing sits at $1,340.32. However, rather than potential nuclear conflict, some commentators believe gold’s strength stems more from the lack of a tax-code rewrite or other perceived […]

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Gold hitting new highs over North Korea while Acacia looks to turn back on Tanzania

Yesterday evening the gold price hit its highest point in just under a year. Spot gold reached $1,377.40 before settling at $1,330.71 at 09:49 BST today. Gold rose in response to the combination of the escalating situation in North Korea, and a global sell-off in the stock markets. The dollar depreciated against the yen and […]

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Gold price reaches 11-month high after North Korea test “hydrogen bomb”

Experts have expressed “alarm” at the level and pace of development of the nuclear technology North Korea tested over the weekend, which saw the gold price reach an 11-month high. Pyongyang claimed to have tested a hydrogen, or thermonuclear, bomb on Saturday, which caused tremors ten times as powerful as the last time Pyongyang exploded […]

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This economic data could potentially influence a rate hike

The gold price has eased off after a rally which saw it reach a peak of $1,322.84, with a sell-off in response to the price rise capping any gains made overnight. Spot gold at the time of writing sits at $1,318.18, but ongoing political tension kept prices around the nine and a half month highs […]

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Economic data exceeds expectations and puts pressure on gold price

The gold price has continued its steady pattern from yesterday, albeit facing downward pressure from the continuing threat of a recovering dollar and good economic data, but has proved resilient by the ongoing threat from North Korea. The dollar’s recovery, which has seen it rise up from its 15-month low on Tuesday, can be attributed […]

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Gold price steady as North Korea crisis continues

The dollar has bounced back from a two and a half year low amid beliefs that geopolitical tensions from North Korea have plateaued, but the gold price remains stable owing to widespread belief that the conflict will continue for the foreseeable future. Spot gold fell 0.1% to $1,307.60 by 07:00 this morning. Yesterday saw it […]

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Gold price at ten month high after missile flies over Japan

This morning saw the gold price reach levels unseen since the election of US president Donald Trump, as North Korea’s continuing show of military strength saw the rogue state launch yet another ballistic missile. The safe haven asset rose 0.9% to $1,322.41 after the launch, but later settled back to $1,318.00, according to the Financial […]

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Gold price waiting on Jackson Hole monetary conference as dollar rises

Jackson Hole sign

Gold has remained steady ahead of the outcomes of the Jackson Hole monetary conference. Gold this morning was at $1,286.12, with gold for delivery in December at $1,292.40. The static status of the price is seen as symptomatic of the market’s wait-and-see approach to the meeting of the world’s monetary policy makers in Wyoming. Nothing […]

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