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ECB still unlikely to tighten, gold scammer story resurfaces

Yesterday the gold price improved slightly, as dollar weakness continued on the back of decreasing faith in the likelihood of a rate hike by the Federal Reserve. The ICE dollar index sat at 94.759, with gold futures fluctuating between $1,235.10 and $1,243.50. Today the dollar has strengthened slightly at 94.98, and gold futures fell to […]

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Gold wavering, dollar up, ECB caught in a trap

The gold price has eased down following a dollar rally, the greenback having previously plunged to multi-month lows. Spot gold fell 0.2% to $1,240.11 at 07:02 GMT. US gold futures for August delivery fell 0.2% to $1,239.50. On the continent the European Central Bank (ECB) has been in two minds. Last June we reported that […]

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“Dovish” Fed outlook pushes gold towards $1,250

Gold saw a rally on Monday, moving towards $1,250. This morning the buoyancy continued with a spot price of $1,236.99. The bounce represents a two week high for the yellow metal as the dollar took a downturn and the US Federal Reserve posted a more “dovish” outlook on further interest rate hikes this year. Reuters […]

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Gold primes for another rally as bitcoin traders anticipate split

The gold price has edged up against a soft dollar and wavering sentiment over a US interest rate hike. The greenback almost touched a ten-month low after weaker economic data reduced the likelihood of an early rate hike from the Federal Reserve. The gold price currently stands at $1,229.72. Last Friday the US government reported […]

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Yellen walks the rate hike tightrope

The gold price has eased off in the aftermath of Janet Yellen’s testimony to congress, but a more balanced tone to the delivery allowed for a healthy balance between keeping markets perky and gold steady. Yellen reaffirmed the Federal Reserve’s (The Fed) plan to increase interest rates, but emphasised the gradual nature of the hike. […]

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Multiple arrests made over 100kg gold coin stolen from museum

Germany has made arrests over the theft of a 100kg gold coin, which was stolen last March from the Bode museum. The “Big Maple Leaf” had a diameter of 53cm and a thickness of 3cm, one of the only five pure gold commemorative pieces issued by the Royal Canadian Mint in 2007. It is made […]

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Donald Trump Jnr puts gold back on the table

Despite a negative medium-term projection for the gold price owing to tighter monetary policy, gold has rallied amid renewed controversy from the Trump administration, rising 0.3% since Monday. Gold futures for August are up at $1,214.70. Political tensions involving Donald Trump Jnr have stymied markets. The president’s son released an email chain yesterday which involved […]

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Why is all this job data important anyway?

Last Friday the gold price had 1.1% wiped off its value, which saw it end the session at $1,209.70, its lowest since March 15. The main reason for this was a much higher than expected gain in US jobs last month. As we reported here, an extra 41,000 jobs than initially predicted were added to […]

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New economic data looks to suppress gold price

The gold price took another hit this week as optimistic US jobs data pushed the possibility of a Federal Reserve hike upwards. Spot gold fell 0.2% to $1,210.94 at 04:33 GMT. The metal dropped more than 2% last week, touching its lowest point since March 15 at $1,207.15. Meanwhile U.S. gold futures for August were […]

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“Quantitative Tightening” and sluggish bonds could see gold revisit $1,000 says latest report

According to a recent report the Federal Reserve’s “quantitative tightening” – the gradual shrinking of its balance sheet – is set to mark a global recovery, with mixed results for gold. “Just as QE caused shares to rise and bonds to fall (temporary inflation), the fear is that QT does the opposite,” writes Charlie Morris […]

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