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Gold price remains neutral to stock increases and Fed sentiment

The gold price has remained indifferent as of late. Prospective price gains of 1% were dashed by record highs in the S&P500 index. Gold hovers around $1,255 per ounce, which is  just below its daily average of $1,260 since the 25th of May last year. The S&P500 rise amounts to an increase of 0.44% to […]

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Gold inches up while Royal Mint launches platinum range

One of the new “Queen’s Beasts Lion of England” platinum coins set to launch this week. Photo from The Royal Mint Press Office  Spot gold inched up 0.3% to $1,232.45 per ounce at 0726 GMT, floating above the 100-day moving average, according to Reuters. Factors that contributed to slight price rise include poor US economic data […]

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Gold finds its feet as bitcoin finds no shortage of steam

The gold price is finding its feet again after a disappointing week. Reuters reported spot gold rising 0.2 percent to $1,227.33 per ounce at 0707 GMT. Spot gold rose 0.5% in the previous session, its best one-day gain in a month. Meanwhile U.S. gold futures were 0.3 percent higher at $1,227.20 an ounce. Reuters went […]

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Dollar dips over Trump’s sacking of FBI chief while bitcoin powers ahead

The gold price has edged up 0.1% to $1,221.47 at 07:15 GMT, as the dollar dropped after Donald Trump caused political angst by dismissing FBI director James Comey. Support for gold also came from external political forces as North Korea rekindled tensions by hinting at another missile test. Chloe Il, Pyongyang’s UK ambassador, told Sky […]

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Market assuring Macron victory keeps gold price low

Cover photo: France celebrates the Macron victory. Photo credit Lorie Shaull, edited with TVScanline. https://www.flickr.com/photos/number7cloud/

Emmanuel Macron’s emphatic victory over far-right Marine Le Pen in the French presidential election has rallied global markets and sent the gold price downwards. As the result was called last night gold dipped to $1225.85 according to Bullionvault before rising to around $1,234; it then settling back to $1231.40 as of 9am. The Euro jumped […]

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UK General Election: Markets, FX and Gold react

Theresa May’s decision to call a snap general election has seen the pound hit a two month high of $1.26 while the FTSE 100 has plummeted almost 100 points. Meanwhile gold has remained atop a five-month high following weeks of geopolitical tension around American intentions in the Middle East and over North Korea. This morning’s […]

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Gold jumps $10 as buy resistance breaks following geopolitical tension and dollar weakness – $1,300 predicted

Chart showing the gold price breaking trendline. Source: @WangTaoReuters The gold price has jumped around $10/oz overnight, as other factors augment the continuing geopolitical concerns around Syria and North Korea. Reuters reported a rise of 0.2% in spot gold to $1,287.98 per oz, making it the new high since Nov. 10th. It was at $1,285.22 […]

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Tensions over North Korea push gold price up

Photo Credit: Driver Photographer. Edited with TVScanline https://www.flickr.com/photos/72334647@N03/

The gold price has held firm amid continued geopolitical tensions over Syria and North Korea. Spot gold was mostly unchanged at $1,254 per ounce by 0101 GMT, while U.S. gold futures edged up 0.1 percent to $1,255.50, according to Reuters. Tensions between North Korea and the West have heightened after Donald Trump ordered his military […]

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Gold buoyant as Trump standoff and Brexit begin

Photo Credit Simon Wilshire. Edited using TVScanline effect. URL: https://www.flickr.com/photos/simonwilshire/31089719550/in/photolist-PnhWtq-Jji9Aw-J2fJpu-EsUHK4-JqeL39-Jvj7b6-J3LwxC-Hv7kcN-JkVXEc-QCNKPK-JsTUk2-Hz78j5-JvbNHw-Hxi3Qp-QAem3W-JmTa1Z-QAe7DS-JjQHNb-RC6Lcb-Jow5jL-JtCeWn-LB2t7N-K34M6L-RDbtgG-Hzwmb9-JEuaGr-HR4U8x-Jjccfm-HQmL8N-RDbsmL-JChVDb-JZNjrm-HR4uNX-JhZZ43-QCNLjn-JjiMNG-JDanRW-QvFtbb-J2RZMV-JtsuP8-J45EQU-JiUNk5-JogbS9-HSL36R-QCNKVg-N9WGpA-Jx7gcz-JvqJ23-QAehHu-JMP3Q1

The gold price has remained buoyant as investors look to a possible political tussle between the Trump administration and Congress over fiscal reform. By 10:00am GMT gold for April delivery on Comex was at $1,252.10. Frik Els of mining.com reported that yesterday the metal reached a high of “$1,258.40, up more than $50 from levels […]

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Gold price jumps following Trump’s legislative failure

Photo credit Matt Johnson. Edited with TVScanline

The gold price has risen by more than a percentage point after Trump’s healthcare reform bill failed to pass the American legislative. Reuters reported that spot gold rose 1.1 percent to $1,258 per ounce by 07:04 GMT after hitting $1,259.14, its highest since February 27, while U.S. gold futures were up 0.8 percent at $1,258. […]

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