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Gold price timid amid North Korea and rate hike fears; plus three ways to value gold

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The gold price was little changed on Monday, supported by safe haven interest amid rising geopolitical tensions over North Korea and a weaker dollar, according to Reuters. This morning the controversial regime fired four test missiles near Japan’s northwest coast, prompting fears of escalating geopolitical tensions towards conflict. Daniel Hynes, an analyst at the Australia […]

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Gold trading ‘as a stock’ following likely deferral of interest rate hike

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The gold price received a significant boost on Thursday following the release of Fed minutes suggesting a US interest rate hike was likely in summer (June or August) rather than spring (March). This pushed US bond yields down and stalled the upward momentum of the US Dollar. CNBC reported the gold price at a three […]

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Gold price holds steady amid anticipation over Fed policy, London silver up as Washington attacks Germany

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As we alluded to yesterday, anticipation over Trump’s mix of policies is causing the gold price to fluctuate. Uncertainty over what happens next means gold traders are hedging their bets and not taking a noticeably bullish or bearish sentiment. CNBC reported that ‘spot gold was little changed at $1,210.79 an ounce by 0320 GMT and U.S. […]

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There’s a big seller out there

I showed these charts in a recent edition of AtlasPulse.com. I’m showing them again because they help you to understand why precious metals aren’t rallying as hard as they should. This chart shows the link between the total speculative flows and the price of gold. Normally they follow closely but recently, the speculators have gone nuts […]

April 25th, 2016 | Posted in Analysis,Gold and Silver Media,Gold News,Markets,Silver News | Read More »

Gold price driven by a buying frenzy – how long will it last?

Looking at the investor flows in gold in recent weeks, a staggering 28 million ounces (Moz) has entered the market. In the futures market, you can see the scale and changes of the long and short speculative positions. These are published in the commitment of traders data (COT) report every Friday (as at the prior Tuesday). […]

March 14th, 2016 | Posted in Analysis,Gold and Silver Media,Gold News,Silver News | Read More »

Silver price now back above its 55 day moving average – ‘breakout’ confirmed?

Earlier today we wrote that gold had broken back above its 100DMA and was hovering just below its 55DMA – painting an intriguing technical set-up for gold in the coming days. Silver seems to be a few trading days ahead of gold in terms of breaking its moving averages. Silver has now broken above the […]

October 22nd, 2013 | Posted in Silver News | Read More »

Silver price jumps by nearly 5% and is back over $22

Hot on the heels of gold is silver. Gold has managed a good 4% move (so far) and silver has bettered that with a move of nearly 5%, and crucially is trading back above $22 – a level which has seen a lot of selling interested in the past three weeks. It also means silver […]

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Silver price erases ALL of yesterday’s 6% smash – closes in on $22

Sometimes you’ve just got to sit back and laugh at the state of these ‘markets’. So yesterday gold got smashed well below $1300 – only to take back ALL those loses today. And silver got positively creamed, losing around 6%, on no news whatsoever –  apart from the dollar falling out of bed and closing […]

October 2nd, 2013 | Posted in Silver News | Read More »

The battle for silver’s golden cross is on

Last week we wrote a piece about an imminent bullish ‘golden cross’ chart formation for silver. We noted: We’ve written in the past couple of weeks about the fact that gold is about to have a ‘golden cross’ (where the 55DMA [day moving average] moves above the 100DMA) before then end of September. A ‘golden […]

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Silver held above its 100 day moving average during ‘taper-talk’ as bullish ‘golden cross’ imminent

During the build up to the non-taper by the the Fed, when everyone was expecting a least a little tapering – but got not even a one Dollar reduction, silver performed really well and manged to close above its 100 day moving average throughout. Silver $ (daily): (click for shaper image) In the five days […]

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