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Silver price now up 35% from the lows in June as the gold:silver ratio keeps compressing

To say that silver has been on a tear the past couple of months would be putting it mildly, but after selling off some 61.8% (perfect Fibonacci retracement as it happens) from the highs back in 2011, to the lows at the end of June, it’s hardly surprising. Silver $ (daily): (click for sharper image)  […]

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Silver joins gold in breaking its 55 day moving average today after a 4% gain this morning

Earlier we noted that it looks like gold is about to put in a significant break above its 55 day moving average today. Well, it looks like silver doesn’t want to be left out of the party either, opening up the week’s trade above its 55DMA and hasn’t really looked back since. We can see […]

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Silver rises 5% in one day and is firmly back above $20

Not to be left out of the party silver has also had a great start to the week and is now up some 5% today alone, and up 12% from the lows at the start of July – the same amount that gold is off its lows by. Silver $ (15 mins): (click for sharper […]

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Ignore COMEX Pricing – Silver Eagles Sold Out at Dealers, $33 on Ebay

The silver price has taken a beating over the past week, dropping 18% from $28 to $23. Or at least that is what the COMEX is telling us. In reality, the price of silver is nowhere close to $23. Don’t believe me? Try to find silver coins for sale anywhere in the free market at […]

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Silver at the bottom of 19 month trading range

Just like in gold (covered here yesterday) silver is trading at the bottom of a very long established trading range, 19 months to be more precise. After making a high of as near damn of $50 back in April 2011 silver slumped all the way down to $26.05 by September 2011, a fall of nearly […]

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Silver price copying gold in following a long-term parabola line of support higher

Yesterday we pointed out that despite gold’s recent pull-back an interesting parabolic line of support, starting in 2001, remained firmly intact. So we thought that we’d take a look at the silver market and see if there is a similar parabolic trend. Here’s what we found… Silver $ (weekly): (click for sharper image) We can […]

March 6th, 2013 | Posted in Silver News | Read More »

Silver price remains above its 16 month long-term support

Much like in the gold price the silver price has been trading in a long-term range over the past 16 months with the $35 level marking the top and the $27 level marking the bottom. There have been three failed attempts at breaking above the $35 level and three failed attempts to break below the […]

February 21st, 2013 | Posted in Silver News | Read More »

Silver price up 1% after bouncing off short-term support levels despite a 0.5% rise in the dollar

After a break lower through the rising support level at the start of the week the silver price quickly fell to its short-term support level around $30.75. Silver tried to rally off this level on tuesday but yesterday fell back again to that support level. This morning silver has bounced once again off that level […]

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Silver price now at eight month rising support level as China takes a new-year holiday

Whilst both gold and silver have sold-off this morning it is silver that is technically holding up better – which should be some crumbs of comfort for the precious metals bulls. Silver $ (daily)  (click for sharper image)   We can see there has been a rising support level since July 2012 and today silver […]

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Gold and silver margins reduced

CME group have announced that the margin level required to trade (paper) gold and silver has been reduced. CME, the biggest operator of U.S. futures exchanges, said late Thursday it lowered initial margins on the benchmark COMEX 100-ounce gold futures contract by 10 percent to $5,940 per contract from $6,600. It also cut maintenance margins […]

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