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Buy Gold Now

Historically gold is seen as the ultimate hedge fund against financial insecurity. Holding its own through times of economic difficulties and recession. With current instability in the global economy, there is no better time to buy gold. Gold and the U.S dollar tend to move in opposite directions. As the dollar falls the price of […]

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Is India’s Love Affair with Gold Over?

With the marriage season in full swing, demand for gold in India normally surges at this time of year. Gold traders however, have noted that there is a reluctance by the Indian consumer to buy gold due to current price rises. Indian weddings are renowned for being sealed with gold. Brides are adorned with elaborate […]

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Gold Prices and the US Dollar

When first dipping your toe in the the gold market, it can often appear complicated and confusing. But with a few simple explanations, what at first appears daunting, can soon get you hooked! Basically gold is measured in troy ounces (XAU) and is traded in pair with the U.S dollar. So when looking at a […]

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Gold Company Report Record Profits

African focussed gold company, Randgold Resources have seen their profits reach a record high despite the current econonic crisis. Chief Executive, Mark Bristow, said that the year had been “extremely challenging” and “they had done well in every sphere of the business”. He went on to say that “panic is an amazing mover of the […]

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UK’s Last Working Gold Mine Needs Investors

Located in the picturesque Loch Lommond and Trossochs National park, Cononish mine, Scotland’s last remaining working mine, is looking for investors. The company behind this venture is Scotsgold Resources, who purchased the mine in 2007, hoping to tap into the UK’s unexploited mineral wealth. Scotsgold’s Chief Executive, Chris Sangster, said with renewed “British and Europeans […]

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Deutsche Bank – Gold Price Forecast

The internationally respected Deutsche Bank, has released its gold price forecast for the next two years. Predicting how they see the gold market will perform. They estimate that in 2010 gold will maintain an average price of $1,150 per ounce. By 2011 the investment bank predict that gold prices will rise to $1,250 per ounce. […]

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Is Now a Good Time to Buy Gold?

With recent rises in gold prices, there is growing concern in many investment camps, that its too late to invest in gold. We believe that it’s the right time to buy gold. The one commodity which remains relatively stable and thrives in recession and a fluctuating economy is gold. Gold is seen as a safe […]

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Rise in Gold Prices

Spot gold prices saw a rise today, up 0.8% on the close of market on Monday. This can be attributed to the euro gaining some strength against the dollar. This current rise in gold prices will depend much upon the mood or sentiment of the market as it reacts to the movement of the volatile […]

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