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Gold Poised to Make History

HOUSTON (Got Gold Report) – Gold and silver are both poised to make history this coming week, but will they?  We suspect that the Big Sellers (BS) of both will certainly attempt vigorous opposition.  They already have.   The question is whether the buying pressure will overwhelm the “hedgers,” … the question is if the numbers […]

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Gold and Risk Aversion

Investors are buying gold as they are more risk averse to other financial investments such as, stocks and shares and paper currencies. Support for gold as a safe haven for assets is gaining momentum. Analyst Walter de Wet states that “we still think the bias is for gold to move higher in the next couple […]

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Edible Gold

Gold was first used as an ingredient in the Middle Ages where the rich showed off their wealth by ostentatiously wrapping gold leaf around poultry. Today many recipes call for gold to be used either in the form of gold leaf, flakes or suspended in a liquid. Gold is not easily absorbed by the body […]

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Gold Wedding Coins

Couples planning to get hitched in Mexico are being encouraged by the local authorities to participate in the custom of the groom presenting 13 gold bullion coins to the bride. Gold plays an important role in marriage ceremonies in India. Brides wear a special set of jewellery which consists of chokers, bangles and earrings made […]

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Bullish Gold

The gold market at present is displaying bullish behaviour in that the upward market trend is to buy gold. The market is in an optimistic mood as speculators and analysts predict the continued rise in the price of gold bullion. This situation is further fuelled by reports of a failing US economy, high unemployment figures […]

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18 Carat Treasure Hunt

As the world clamours to buy gold as safe investment in today’s troubled economic climate, a unique opportunity to own your own piece of gold bullion is up for grabs. Ryan Lusby a student in Londonderry Northern Ireland has published a book with photographic clues to find hidden gold treasure. The book titled “If stones […]

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Gold Continues to Shine

As the price of gold hits record highs and paper currencies continue to lose their value investors are buying gold in an attempt to restore their confidence in the financial market. The effects of the European debt problems have been far reaching. Initial worries over Greece’s deficit were hotly followed by concerns over Portugal and […]

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Collectable Gold

In all walks of life investors and collectors alike are buying gold. Investing in gold bullion bars and coins is proving highly successful as is purchasing gold jewellery and artefacts either for investment purposes or as collector’s items. At one auction in New York this week a set of 100 Austrian gold coins far exceeded […]

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Gold-A Safe Bet

The appeal of gold remains strong as the price of gold bullion is slowly rising in the right direction again. The market is seeing gold as the safest asset to currently hold. With rising unemployment in the USA the dollar has suffered a setback this week falling against other currencies. Bill O’Neil, Partner at Logic […]

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18 Carat Gold Car

A car has been specially designed and decorated in 18 carat gold by a Dubai based artist. Siamak Hojjat and other artists decorated the car in gold in an attempt to create a piece of art. Incorporated in the car’s interior include a Persian rug and a gold decorative inlay. Mr Hojjat says “that plans […]

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