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Yesterday’s vote in the UK parliament was a BIG deal – a very big deal indeed

The world historic gets banded about far too easily these days, and it means that when something truly historic comes along it is often missed. Make no mistake about it, for the government to lose the vote on attacking Syria yesterday is a BIG deal, a very big deal indeed. At the start of the […]

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Markets reject ‘forward guidance’ – for good reason

The British media is obsessed with Mark Carney, the new boss at the Bank of England, who, this week, made his first public appearance as governor with a speech in Nottingham. There were adoring comments about his looks (the vague resemblance with George Clooney, supported with plenty of photographs) and his voice (deep, confident, reassuring), […]

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UK house prices essentially range-bound since mid-2009 – despite all that government help

Today we got the latest home prices for the UK, and whilst it shows that house prices have moved up around 3.5% over the year, house prices in the UK have essentially been range bound for the past 4 years. From the Nationwide release: “UK house prices continued to rise at a fairly brisk pace […]

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Mark Carney’s first public speech – what he really means

As Cameron looks hell-bent on taking the UK to another unlawful war, the head of the Bank of England Mark Carney (the uber-dove) was out yesterday trying to CONvince the UK populace that missing the Bank’s legally required target for at least 6 years is ‘totally cool’. Below we present Carney’s speech with a translation […]

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Indians saving in Rupees lose nearly 30% in 2013 – Indians saving in gold are UP 7% in 2013

Regular readers will know that the Indian government has been on a relentless mission in 2013 to intentionally manipulate gold demand lower (see this). And as with all government programs, they usually end up achieving the complete opposite of what they set out to do – the story of trying to manipulate gold demand lower […]

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Silver price now up 35% from the lows in June as the gold:silver ratio keeps compressing

To say that silver has been on a tear the past couple of months would be putting it mildly, but after selling off some 61.8% (perfect Fibonacci retracement as it happens) from the highs back in 2011, to the lows at the end of June, it’s hardly surprising. Silver $ (daily): (click for sharper image)  […]

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Gold price now up 20% from the lows as it passes $1400 with ease – as the folly of war looms large

Gold is starting to look cheap… very cheap indeed. Not only have you got a situation where the East is rapidly buying gold in record amounts, the Indians trying to ban the buying of gold in the face of a plunging domestic currency and gold mines shuttering left and right with production estimated to fall […]

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When an ‘honest’ deflator is used UK GDP only grew at 0.5% NOT 1.5%

Today the UK’s second estimate for Q2 GDP was released, and it came in better than expected and showed an economy growing by 1.5% over the past year – but as we shall show later, this figure grossly exaggerates the real performance of the UK’s economy over the past year, all thanks to yet more […]

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It’s not just India banning gold – Pakistan are at it as well, and the jewellers are threatening to strike

Regular readers will know that the Indian government has been on a one-man crusade against anyone in India buying gold for all of this year (see this, this and this). Their most recent move, after putting a 10% tax on gold (it was ‘just’ 2% at the start of the year), was to simply ban […]

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Indonesian gold demand jumps 55% in a year as the flow of gold West to East continues apace

Last week we wrote about the World Gold Council’s Q2 gold demand report – and one could only draw one conclusion, the flow of gold from West to East is now running at hyper-speed. Well today, Bloomberg are reporting on this theme – this time out of Indonesia. From Bloomberg: Gold jewelry demand in Indonesia […]

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