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China on course to overtake India as the largest buyers of gold on the planet as purchases increases a staggering 30% in 2013

Despite the year-long war on gold waged by the government and Central bank of India, all intended on dramatically reducing gold demand in India (see this this this and this), Indian gold demand is actually up a staggering 24% in the 9 months of 2013 through September – coming in at 977 tonnes. From Bloomberg: […]

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UK retail sales come in much worse than expected for a second month in a row – has the UK seen ‘peak recovery’?

A month ago we wrote a piece titled “UK recovery? Not so fast, as retail sales come in much worse than expected” – in that piece we noted that the latest numbers for retail sales in the UK came in much lower than expected. We noted at the time: As we’ve been saying for the […]

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Gold price trades back above $1250 as Chinese gold demand hits record highs in October

After drifting back towards $1240 yesterday gold has snapped higher and is back trading over $1250. Gold $ (2hr): (click for sharper image) Also gold looks like breaking the downtrend that started at the end of October. Gold $ (4hr): (click for sharper image) Bigger picture and gold is still stuck in the downward sloping […]

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The Vietnamese central bank eyes up buying gold on this price dip to increase currency reserves – but DON’T call gold money

As we’ve pointed out this year, the real story for gold hasn’t been the 20+% drop in the price, rather it has been the flow of gold from the West to the East. But this flow hasn’t just been about strong consumer demand, it has also been about central banks in the East continuing to […]

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Gold price rises back above $1250 after 5 month low as regulators finally start to scrutinize the paper gold market

Gold has bounced off its five month lows yesterday and moved back above $1250. Gold $ (15min): (click for sharper image) Yesterday gold got as low as $1227, a level last seen back on July 9th. Gold $ (daily): (click for sharper image) Which all means that gold touched the bottom of its downward sloping […]

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New Fed chair in waiting speaks and gold jumps back towards $1300

Janet Yellen, who takes over from Ben Bernanke at the Federal Reserve in 2014 and is currently going through the nomination process in Congress today, looks like being a gold-bugs best friend in the coming years if today’s jump in the gold price is any indication. Gold $ (1hr): (click for sharper image) At the […]

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Flow of gold from West to East continues as World Gold Council says China gold buying rises 18% y/o/y

Earlier today we posted the numbers from the WGC on Q3 2013 gold demand – and for physical gold, demand has continued to be strong rising some 6% – this is on the back of the staggering Q2 physical demand jump of 77%: Jewelry demand rose from 461.7 tonnes in Q3 2012 to 586.7 tonnes […]

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World Gold Council: Gold coin and bar demand is up 6% y/o/y – as consumer demand hits year-to-date record

Back in August we published the World Gold Council’s global gold demand report for Q2. That Q2 report showed that bar and coin demand had jumped a staggering 77%. We noted: Total gold bar and coin demand went from 285.9 tonnes to 507.6 tonnes – this is a rise of a staggering 77%! And we […]

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Gold continuing to flow from West to East as Shanghai opens up new vault that can hold 2000 tonnes

The real story for gold in 2013 hasn’t been the 20% price drop, which has been covered ad-nausaum in the MSM. Rather, the huge story, that up until very recently has been totally ignored, or vaguely referred to, by the MSM, is that quietly and with little fanfare, hundreds-upon-hundreds of tonnes of gold is being […]

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Gold price opens up the week below $1300 – how long will it last?

After the NFP unemployment number in the US last Friday gold was taken down from around $1310 to around the $1280 level. Gold $ (daily): (click for sharper image) We can see that gold is clearly at some important levels. Gold posted a low on June 28th at $1180, then on October 15th gold posted […]

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