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Gold vaults in London ‘virtually empty’ as 26 MILLION ounces flow to China ‘NEVER to return’

With gold trading below $1200 today, and a weekly close of $1208 very much needed today to stop a fall towards $1100 (as we pointed out here), it’s worth remembering that the big story for gold in 2013 hasn’t been the 25% decline – rather it is the fact that month-in month-out gold has been […]

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Gold price retest July lows and breaks its seven month trading range to the downside

The gold price is at some very critical levels today following from the Federal Reserve’s $10bn ‘taper’. It now means that instead of printing up $85bn a month and buying up mortgage debt and government debt, it is now going to be printing $75bn each and every month. It’s worth remembering that this is still […]

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People in the UK ‘feel’ that the inflation rate is 4.4% NOT 2.1% when the Bank of England asked them

After yesterday’s ‘hedonically-adjusted’ CPI told everyone not to worry because inflation isn’t much of a problem anymore in the UK, coming in at 2.1%, we thought it would be worth while to compare this computer generated goal-seeked number, to what the average person on the street ‘feels’ price inflation is – you know, the people […]

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As UK CPI comes in at 2.1% it is worth remembering that since 2009 the BoE have produced 62% EXTRA price inflation

Proving once again that the Bank of England are about as useful as a chocolate tea-pot when it comes to forecasting inflation, today’s UK CPI show that price inflation, as measured by the CPI, came in at 2.1% – just a few months ago the BoE saw this metric hitting 3% by 2014. From the […]

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Gold price starts the week higher as all eyes are on Bernanke’s ‘will-he won’t-he’ taper decision this Wednesday

Gold moved higher at the start of the week, but once again that $1250 level, which has been keeping the gold price in check for the past three weeks, seems to be the level which sellers are happy to turn up at. Gold $ (30 mins): (click for sharper image)  Gold rose quickly from $1227 […]

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German regulators look into suspected gold and silver manipulation at Deutsche Bank

Back at the end of November we wrote about the UK financial regulator waking from a very deep slumber and starting an investigation into gold and silver price manipulation: One theory has been that the Western central banks along with the large bullion houses have be coordinating smashes in the paper market – something that […]

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History tells us that the UK will be due another recession in the next five years – and you can kiss goodbye to the ‘surplus’

When the Faux-stere Chancellor gave his Autumn statement, one where he will nearly borrow more than ever other Chancellor in the history of the UK combined if he’s re-elected in 2015, we pointed out just how ‘off’ the 2013 forecast for GDP is compared to the 2010 vintage. To wit: Here’s what the nominal GDP […]

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UK average mortgage rates set to RISE by £5000 PER YEAR by 2018 according to the government

There was one small line in the Faux-stere Chancellor’s Autumn statement that should give people some very serious pause for thought about a meaningful recovery in the UK. From page 19 of the Autumn statement: (click for sharper image) Did you get that rather large bombshell dropped into the statement? For every every 1% that […]

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Gold rises nearly 3% this week – all in the face of MORE tapering talk

Last week we noted that the gold price had dropped below the cost of digging it out of the ground – $1250: For the second time in 2013 the gold price has dropped below the cost of getting it out of the ground. From the updated GFMS 2013 Gold Survey we can see that the […]

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Turkey imports record amounts of gold so far in 2013 – more than DOUBLE the full 2012 amount

A few weeks back we wrote about the fact that China was on course to become the biggest buyers of gold on the planet, overtaking India for the first time. The Chinese have increased their gold buying by 30% from a year earlier. We noted: But China’s gold buying has now surpassed India for the […]

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