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Gold price now up 13% from the new-year lows and within reach of some key levels

Gold’s great 2014 is still continuing with the precious metal hitting $1339 yesterday. This means that gold has now risen more than 13% since the lows recorded on new-year’s eve 2013. Gold $ (daily): (click for sharper image) Which means gold is now back at levels last seen at the end of October 2013. Gold […]

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World Gold Council: 2013 was a record breaking year for bar and coin demand

Yesterday we posted the full-year 2013 gold demand numbers from the World Gold Council – they showed that worldwide gold bar and coin demand surged an incredible 28% last year. Below is a summary video from the World Gold Council of those numbers. Take aways include: It was the year of the consumer – and […]

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Real wages in the UK continue to fall and have been negative for OVER 5 years – what ‘recovery’?

We’ve been trying to call BS on this so-called UK recovery for over a year now (see this, this and this) – and we’ve been doing it by looking at one very simple metric and asking ‘are people, in real terms, earning more or less in the UK every year?’ If people are earning less […]

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Total gold bar and coin demand worldwide ROSE a staggering 28% in 2013 – and now ETFs are buying again in 2014

The full year 2013 gold demand numbers have just been released by the World Gold Council. And as we pointed out during the quarterly reports all throughout last year, they show record amounts of physical buying of bullion, whilst the paper variety, ETFs, were sold hard. From the report: 2013 proved to be the year […]

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Gold bursts though $1300 and rallies above its 200 day moving average for the fist time in over a year – now up 11.5% from NY lows

Gold’s impressive start to 2014 seems to be rolling on. On Monday we said: Should we get a close today above that 100DMA it should be enough to get gold back over $1300. And then very quickly the next target of the bulls will be the 200DMA which is currently sitting at the $1306 level. […]

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The current gold price correction STILL following exact path of the 1974-76 correction – targets price north of $8500 by end of 2016

A couple of days after gold posted that $1180 June 2013 low, we wrote a piece comparing the current sell-off in gold with the sell-off during the mid-1970s. We noted: With gold looking to close out the month of June at three year lows, the end of the month can’t come soon enough for the […]

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Just as predicted the Bank of England scraps its 7% unemployment forward guidance – credibility of BoE now in tatters

Well this will come as absolutely NO surprise to regular readers, the Bank of England have basically just scrapped its main forward guidance components, namely the 7% unemployment rate, something we said was coming last week: And at last check the unemployment rate was 7.1% and expected to be below 7% in the next couple […]

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Did Mark Carney just admit that he’s failing as head of the Bank of England

Earlier today Mark Carney admitted that we’ve been right all along, namely that the recovery in the UK is not sustainable. But it’s also worth remembering just what the Canadian ex-Goldman and Oxford alum said during his first speech as Governor of the Bank of England back in July 2013 – it would seem to […]

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Head of the Bank of England agrees with GMSN: The UK ‘recovery’ is NOT sustainable

Regular readers will know that we’ve been calling the current ‘recovery’ (more like a cyclical ‘bounce’ in a secular recession) totally unsustainable. Some examples include: ALL the GDP growth in the past 12 months has come from households raiding their long-term savings – it can not last: Or in other words practically all that 1.6% […]

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Morgan Gold Chief Strategist Ed Moy: ‘Absolutely’ worried about a physical gold shortage – gold from East NOT coming back

Morgan Gold Chief strategist has appeared on Bloomberg and has made some very interesting comments about gold. Firstly he notes: Gold has steadily followed the federal debt… What Moy is talking about here is this chart below – something we published back in July 2011. (click for sharper image) We can see that over the […]

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