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Gold price fixing allegations finally reach court

Back in March we wrote about two different studies looking into manipulation of the gold price. Both these studies concluded that the gold price has indeed been suppressed lower. Which lead us to say at the time: Which all means that anyone who’s invested in gold might what to line up and join the mother […]

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More signs that gold trade is shifting to the East as Dubai builds massive gold refinery

A few weeks back we wrote about how 40% of all the worlds physical gold trade goes through dubai: And why is big deal? Because 40% of the worlds physical gold traded through Dubai in 2013: Ahmed Bin Sulayem, executive chairman of the Dubai Multi Commodities Centre, which facilitates the trade, said on Sunday that […]

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Gold premiums in India STILL $100 over spot as people wait for restriction to end

A couple of months ago we noted that premiums (the price of gold over the global spot price) in China, were double what was being paid in London. Shanghai premiums for 99.99 percent purity gold climbed to $11 an ounce over London prices. They were about $4 last Thursday just before China went on holiday. […]

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Martin Wolf: Only the ignorant live in fear of hyperinflation

Since the financial crisis broke in 2008, the Financial Times’ resident economic expert and leading commentator, Martin Wolf, has decidedly veered to the left. Having rediscovered the Keynesian faith and having apparently terminated his long public love affair with “free market economics” loosely defined, he has become a reliable cheerleader for fiscal and monetary ‘stimulus’ […]

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No end to central bank meddling as ECB embraces ‘quantitative easing’, faulty logic

“Who can print money, will print money” is how my friend Patrick Barron put it succinctly the other day. This adage is worth remembering particularly for those periods when central bankers occasionally take the foot off the gas, either because they genuinely believe they solved the problem, or because they want to make a show […]

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