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Gold price hitting multi-month highs – up 28% in euros from the low

Mid-way through december we noted that “in almost all other major currencies gold is showing some major strength”. This was before the ‘surprise’ (not so surprising if you’re the rather brilliant James Grant) bombshell  that was the Swiss central bank announcement of ending the Euro peg. Now we have a bonafide multi-currency gold rally on […]

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HSBC sees global gold demand rising 15% in 2015 with central banks BUYING 400 tonnes

After a couple of painful years of gold price action for the bulls, 2015 might be the year that things start going in the right direction for them. HSBC has come out and said that it expects to see global gold demand to surge by 15% – and this was before the action by the […]

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Shanghai Gold Exchange moves a step closer to internationalising the Chinese gold market

Regular readers will know that we’ve been banging the drum about the move of physical gold from West to East for some time now. Morgan Gold Chief Strategist Ed Moy: ‘Absolutely’ worried about a physical gold shortage – gold from East NOT coming back Gold vaults in London ‘virtually empty’ as 26 MILLION ounces flow […]

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The action by the Swiss central bank proves that central bankers simply can not be trusted

The move by the Swiss central bank yesterday to remove its peg with the Euro was an enormous move by a central bank. It collapsed the value of the second most traded currency on the planet versus the Swiss Franc by 30% in a matter of seconds. This really goes to highlight just how fast […]

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