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Trump’s travel ban – another shakeup amongst many

Trump’s executive order, signed last Friday, known as the ‘travel ban’, is designed to temporarily suspend travel to the U.S. from ‘high risk’ countries; a summary of the above video, originally posted by The Telegraph is as follows: The travel ban bars citizens from Libya, Sudan, Somalia, Yemen, Syria, Iraq and Iran from entering the […]

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The gold price finds a nest as Year of the Rooster kicks off

Credit to 'jimmiehomeschoolmom' w/tvscanlineeffect https://www.flickr.com/photos/jimmiehomeschoolmom/3257046175/in/photolist-5XPdmx-5XPduB-5XK2Dv-9ficos-9bhW8-9gzj3J-d6raNY-5YfRyy-4oPHuT-dTVJEY-4rTBGh-9sjfm-bh9Aix-5WHKLV-AJXv4-4rTAe5-ATxTW-ryngcG-d6siXh-BdzUq-4rfYej-f264Rw-5XxJ1m-5XPdPR-Bb3wu-bjcMqP-7CQAFJ-4rbR9D-4rTAvJ-7Gr1iX-5X62WM-4qcCA9-4rTzVj-AGaMf-37411S-4rPwB4-4rryhr-rjjaKZ-4UkEh1-5Wk6sZ-a9iDi5-5U3Yzt-4rTAjs-4rTB5C-4rPvTc-4qNgJB-4rPxqn-bJMAS-jDssqT-CL5SG

The gold price is set to fall as the Chinese New Year comes about in full swing, following a surge after Donald Trump announced his new policies. Celebrations for the Year of the Rooster started last friday and are marked by an official week of holiday, although festivities usually last for two. China regularly vies […]

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The gold price appears indifferent while Doomsday Clock moves

Credit to "El_Enigma" edited w/tvscanline effect https://www.flickr.com/photos/marca-pasos/2969811799/in/photolist-bwfCAQ-5wr4zH-du6wbu-54buYe-7gVVSv-9KMHut-4ajJbS-9KQBn1-9KMNFa-UtNYE-8Mfmvr-9KQAi1-dj4Vaa-jVKrd-cy5B-7ABxMw-9KQvJo-9KMKNK-dFBkhH-aJPzk6-9KQupG-65JcrP-5GLURU-f6Vh5B-9KMJCZ-65JcH4-dqjZtz-9KME7r-5HJNeF-7uGiYQ-9KMDhH-7uGjT7-bvEsXF-57YLwB-7kSem6-cy5k-DFSsu8-6c1v67-4HMpkS-3rckhv-4HMpmY-DFuUy7-D8o2t8-5nixrW

The Bulletin of Atomic Scientists moved their Doomsday Clock from three minutes to midnight, to two and a half minutes to midnight yesterday. According to the clock, this is the closest the world has been to Doomsday since 1953 when the USA and USSR both tested nuclear weapons. The gold price has remained unaffected by […]

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Gold maintains long-term prospects as Dow breaks 20,000 following Trump’s executive decisions

Credit: Alper Çuğun w/scanline modification https://www.flickr.com/photos/alper/5397723469/in/photolist-9dYK8K-5ExSq8-9NeZjm-od61e3-oVLXjq-c5GAjm-5qg7sp-9NeZjY-2bviC5-5jSC9U-555iYu-9NeZiu-5xjzZs-y7wii-9NcedD-LZpZ7-5UvBYH-2bviC3-8f6433-LZpZ9-4DC5FK-57bejb-57bekL-8BWkkn-55V6tA-awCkjK-55V6s1-6aFkF2-y7win-eSTRV-rd3V7-6Tjfv3-rd3V4-5fQdK-6jLXna-9wbLSG-6iYyc3-hQPmWp-7J99KS-6iAoiZ-j1fy9b-cpdZfQ-7v2dCc-8uupEf-7fD5sd-eVW1Z6-9VXYXq-6pQhns-cE6wjA-dCMnfD

Wednesday saw the Dow Jones Index, break 20,000 for the first time ever. Gold remains confused as to what direction it is heading in with prominent perks in both directions. Gold prices fell on Wednesday night as confidence in the U.S. economy increased, with investors seeing Trump’s decisiveness as a plus – February Comex gold […]

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Parliamentary vote causes pound drop and gold fall

Following yesterday’s Supreme Court ruling on the Brexit-triggering Article 50 being subject to a Parliamentary vote, the pound has fallen by over 0.7% to trade at $1.2441. That saw a slight fall in gold. ‘Another good day for the [cheap] pound saw gold ease back a little in sterling terms,’ Head of multi-asset at Newscape and […]

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Gold at two-month high, Dollar down after Trump’s inauguration – a sign of things to come?

Photo Credit: Matt A.J.

The Dollar index is down 0.5% after Trump made a ‘populist and nationalist appeal in his inaugural address that worried investors about potentially protectionist trade policies’ according to CityAM writer Courtney Goldsmith. Goldsmith also notes Sterling’s $1.2472 high against the dollar, its highest since mid-December, and that gold has fallen short of breaking $1,220 for […]

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Meet Mike Maloney – why gold can be a better choice than fiat or Bitcoin currency.

Today we revisit this small series of 7 videos where Mike Maloney, best selling author of ‘Guide to Investing in Gold and Silver’, educates viewers about money and how it works. In this short documentary series Mike gives the viewer a foundation into Economics and Money and shows why gold can be a better choice […]

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Brexit and Trump not cause for gold rush, but price creep

Donald Trump speaks at the Republican Leadership Conference, 2014

Brexit and Trump have caused a lot of chatter on the future of the U.K. and U.S. economies in 2017. Investors worried about the ease of capital, trade, and labour flows from and to Britain and her neighbours post-referendum, and the pound slumped heavily against the Euro. Meanwhile, across the pond, Trump’s unpredictability with regards […]

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