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Le Pen and Fed news squeeze Gold price from both sides

Photo Credit: Blandine Le Cain. Edited with TVScanline effect

Bulliondesk has reported today that spot gold prices were down 0.2% at $1,234.16/oz whilst silver was off 0.3%. Metals had a slight dip, with prices down 0.3% on average. Volume sits around 6,164 lots traded. The indifferent nature of the gold price today comes as a result shorter-term influencers effecting a long term, gradual upward […]

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Gold price supports return of AngloGold dividend

The world’s third largest gold producer, Johannesburg-based AngloGold Ashanti, are to renew their dividend for the first time since 2013 amid healthier gold prices, it has been revealed. AngloGold Ashanti had previously suspended dealing out capital to their shareholders owing to unfavourable market conditions. More recently, however, the relative attractiveness of foreign currencies and a […]

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Greenspan provides reasoning for gold price’s resilience

Photo credit: Financial times. Edited with TVScanline effect. Photo source: https://www.flickr.com/photos/financialtimes/5621905898/in/photolist-9yMJL3-9aqmBk-87NNJY-9yJHDx-gBQnHY-9GMQjr-9H2cuV-9H2AK4-9H29Zc-8RgCbY-9H4o9b-5x4wNY-9H4oou-cgcemW-9H4osU-9H4nM9-9H4nXN-m3aDK-fUAmg-eV2TYw-5ZLP6n-o3vQGf-hXgE27-8Qmchh-2BPYL-5wrcxf-3myrNh-9GvBGD-9H1uxM-5w1JEF-9H1u7F-9H1uXg-9H1tRX-9H1uik-9H1qdv-9H1v3r-9H4oCL-9H1v8z-9GvAUt-9H1uM2-9H1tWF-9H1q8H-5wZ9ot-JsZG7Y-5C2Trk-apv97A-qpxDpY-aQKw6-5zK1z7-6XFwxc

  The World Gold Council released the February edition of Gold Investor last Thursday, with an interview with Alan Greenspan on his outlook for 2017. The ex-chairman of the Federal Reserve explained that the West had gone through stagnant productivity growth, fuelled by the aging of the baby-boomer generation and the channeling of savings into […]

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Gold price gains as strong Dollar drops

The gold price looks to be finishing the week on a high as the strong dollar encountered what DailyFX called an ‘aggressive reversal’ yesterday. The Bullion Desk reported gold at $1,237.89 per oz, after a ‘bullish day’ on Thursday, when prices closed up with gains of between 0.3% and 0.6%. Investor consensus suggests ongoing uncertainty […]

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Gold price showing potential resilience following dip

Photo credit: Mark Herpel. Edited with TVScanline effect

The gold price rallied slightly yesterday after an ebb caused by a strong Dollar, suggestions of a Fed rate hike and a positive outlook on the US economy. However the price remains in flux rather than on an upward trajectory. Marketwatch quoted Michael Armbruster, principal and co-founder at Altavest as saying precious metals are momentarily […]

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Gold price continues short term caution, peak of $1,350 could trigger new mining projects

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As alluded to yesterday, Janet Yellen’s semi-annual monetary policy report to Congress on Tuesday was cause for much anxiety in the gold markets, owing to anticipation over whether Yellen would confirm or deny the possibility of an interest rate hike in March. Since then, news from the testimony pointed towards the feared rate hike. CityAM […]

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Gold price settles in anticipation of Yellen’s testimony, Dollar strengthens over Trump-Abe talks

Photo Credit: Global X. Edited with TVScanline effect

The gold price calmed its short-term bull run today, as two major talking points rallied other markets. Spot gold was down to $1,225.84/oz at 02:30 GMT and gold futures inched up 0.1% to $1,226.8. This comes after markets rallied in accordance with political events over the weekend, notably Trump’s meeting with Japan’s prime minister, Shinzo […]

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Popular ‘anti-Trump’ candidate elected as German President – A backlash to a backlash?

Photo credit: SPD Schleswig-Holstein. Edited with TVScanline effect

2016 saw a strong swing towards populist politics with Brexit and the election of Donald Trump, and this year we see the growing threat of Marine Le Pen to the French establishment. These developments bode well for the gold price and other physical commodities for 2017 with economic and political uncertainty scaring off investors. Inflation expectations […]

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Gold price ebbs off a high as U.S. economy proves robust

Photo Credit: Eric Golub. Edited using TVscanline effect. https://www.flickr.com/photos/sirqitous/4067836130/in/photolist-7csHXG-7coY72-7coSop-7csHDo-7ctmVR-7ctoqX-7ctoyv-7cxdMN-7ctoDp-6rRAyV-6rVMqE-9ggJCb-6E1fbo-6is4Nu-6DSikz-76qgQ4-6DWq61-6rH8Mh-6DWrsA-76ub8o-6DWnKy-76ucX7-76ubZm-7csCLN-6inYs8-6DSQPi-6DSd8F-JLVad8-6DSiDn-xs4Azv-xH9FFf-xrnyHy-xFEyBS-xHZiBk-xHZovt-xrnyZC-6E1889-6DW24R-6E1h8d-6DVZHe-6E1ePf-9gdJYe-7csqhJ-7cp3ex-7coZpp-7cp29M-76tQfu-76pMjt-7coAh2-76tHqw

The gold price has edged off its nearly week-long rise today. Data from bullionvault shows that prices have settled to $1,225.67/oz, down from yesterday’s peak of $1,242.68/oz, the highpoint since the weekend’s flatline of $1220.25/oz. The slowdown, in what looks to be a low-key bull market in gold, is attributable to ‘rising US wholesale inventories […]

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Gold price rises again amid European election fears

Photo credit: Nicolas Raymond. Edited with Downward red line graph from PNGmart. TVScanline effect used.

Investors are holding off in the eurozone as the hotly contested French election draws near. This is proving a boon for the gold price as the National Front leader Marine Le Pen, who is a vocal economic protectionist and eurosceptic, asserts a strong position in the race. Bullionvault reported that ‘gold prices rose to $1240 […]

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