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Gold price dips while Dubai paints its latest project gold

The Dubai Frame. Taken from Instagram account _theartsy_lens_

The gold price has inched slightly downward. According to Reuters spot gold was down 0.1 percent at $1,250.66 an ounce by 07:26 GMT, while U.S. gold futures slipped 0.3 percent at $1,250. Part of the reason for the slump is the US dollar. Since slipping after Trump’s failed healthcare bid, it has re-established itself to […]

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Gold buoyant as Trump standoff and Brexit begin

Photo Credit Simon Wilshire. Edited using TVScanline effect. URL: https://www.flickr.com/photos/simonwilshire/31089719550/in/photolist-PnhWtq-Jji9Aw-J2fJpu-EsUHK4-JqeL39-Jvj7b6-J3LwxC-Hv7kcN-JkVXEc-QCNKPK-JsTUk2-Hz78j5-JvbNHw-Hxi3Qp-QAem3W-JmTa1Z-QAe7DS-JjQHNb-RC6Lcb-Jow5jL-JtCeWn-LB2t7N-K34M6L-RDbtgG-Hzwmb9-JEuaGr-HR4U8x-Jjccfm-HQmL8N-RDbsmL-JChVDb-JZNjrm-HR4uNX-JhZZ43-QCNLjn-JjiMNG-JDanRW-QvFtbb-J2RZMV-JtsuP8-J45EQU-JiUNk5-JogbS9-HSL36R-QCNKVg-N9WGpA-Jx7gcz-JvqJ23-QAehHu-JMP3Q1

The gold price has remained buoyant as investors look to a possible political tussle between the Trump administration and Congress over fiscal reform. By 10:00am GMT gold for April delivery on Comex was at $1,252.10. Frik Els of mining.com reported that yesterday the metal reached a high of “$1,258.40, up more than $50 from levels […]

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The gold price steady since Trump’s failed health care reform bill

Credit to Håkan Dahlström. Used w/tvscanline effect

Spot gold has held steady at $1,253.83 per ounce at 0557 GMT, after touching its highest point in a month at $1,261.03 the day before, according to Reuters, who went on to report that U.S. gold futures inched down 0.2 percent to $1,253.60. The markets’ panic over whether Trump would be able to push through […]

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Gold price jumps following Trump’s legislative failure

Photo credit Matt Johnson. Edited with TVScanline

The gold price has risen by more than a percentage point after Trump’s healthcare reform bill failed to pass the American legislative. Reuters reported that spot gold rose 1.1 percent to $1,258 per ounce by 07:04 GMT after hitting $1,259.14, its highest since February 27, while U.S. gold futures were up 0.8 percent at $1,258. […]

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Gold price rises as markets waver over Obamacare repeal

Photo Credit: Carl Lender https://www.flickr.com/photos/clender/. Edited with TVScanline

The gold price has risen above $1250 amid slumping stocks, as equity investors fret about the impact the upcoming vote on whether Obamacare will be repealed may have on the markets. The bill is likely to fail and Obama’s Affordable Care Act remain. The New York Times reported that “No more than 22 Republicans can […]

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Gold mines set to benefit from end of equity bull market

Mining shares have seen a resurgence in contrast to a broader equity stutter. Although markets have been beset by uncertainty following European hustings the slowdown in the equity bull has been largely attributed to Trump’s inability to render his economic policies in action. The absence of the much trumpeted red tape bonfire twinned with a […]

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Gold Price unmoved by London terror attack

Photo credit: Gordon Wrigley. Edited with TVScanline effect

Yesterday saw a terrorist attack on the British Parliament. An, as yet unnamed, assailant ran over numerous people on Westminster bridge before stabbing and killing a police officer in the grounds of the palace of Westminster. The attacker was shot and died from his injuries; the total death toll currently amounts to five. There has […]

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Gold price enjoys two week high as dollar and pound dip

The gold price was up to a two week high on Monday morning before easing off. This was partly due to sluggish stock market indicators and a poor performance by the US dollar, which has entered into a six week low after last week’s interest rate hike. Forbes reported that April Comex gold was last […]

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Gold price looks promising again as investors overestimate Fed

TVScanline effect used, credit to: 'ctj71081'

The gold price looks promising as the week draws to a close. Dollar bulls were left disappointed after the Federal Reserve’s interest rate hike, but did not increase their forecast of three hikes over the course of the year, leaving the small change in the interest rate underwhelming. Reuters reported that the dollar index hit […]

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No dip for gold despite rate rise and Dutch election results

Photo credit Christ Butterworth. Edited with TVScanline effect.

Despite a tumultuous week, the gold price looked sprightly as the Fed confirmed an interest rate hike of 0.25% yesterday, reaching a seven-session high of $1,224.96. Moreover, controversial Dutch frontrunner Geert Wilders did not gain as much ground as he had hoped, although made significant strides forward in the Dutch parliament. The Federal Reserve exhibited […]

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