Charting the Price of Gold at Each Royal Birth – gold’s staggering 16,000% rise

With the UK doing its level best to distract itself about the still record levels of unemployment, record levels of debt, and a government seemingly hell bent on spending the UK into oblivion, we thought we’d help in this amnesiatic state the people of the UK seem to love so much, and produce a chart looking at the price of gold at each royal birth starting with the eldest, Prince Philip.

Charting the Price of Gold at Each Royal Birth(click for sharper image)

We can see that when Prince Philip (or Philip Mountbatten Schleswig-Holstein-Sonderburg-Glücksburg to give him his full name) was born, (in Greece lest we forget), the price of gold was just £5.35 – yes gold really was that ‘cheap’ at one point.

By the time Prince Charles was born in the winter of 1948 the price of gold had risen some 60% from Prince Philip’s birth, to reach the heady heights of £8.68.

Then, some 34 years later Prince William was born on the summer solstice of 1982 – the price of gold had risen nearly 2000% to around £180 per ounce.

Then yesterday the most recent addition to the royal family came in the shape of an, as yet not officially named, boy. The price of gold yesterday was £865 – a rise of some 380% since the time of its father’s birth in 1982. Making this Royal baby already a record holder – it was born on a day when gold has never been higher in terms of Royal births, whilst the state of the economy has never been worse.

And if we measure the rise in gold from the new baby’s grandfather’s birth in 1921, gold has risen a rather staggering 16,000% in less than 100 years.

We’re willing to go on the record and say that when Prince William’s baby becomes a grandfather gold will be much, much higher than it is now, and the £ will be nothing more than something that is read about in history text books.

Link to this article: : http://www.goldmadesimplenews.com/gold/charting-the-price-of-gold-at-each-royal-birth-gold-staggering-16000-rise-11270/

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