EXCLUSIVE: Theo Paphitis’ £35m solid gold Maybach car spotted

Gold Made Simple are running an interesting story today all about Theo Paphitis’ new Maybach 62.

The owner of Ryman (the stationary company) and ‘dragon’ on Dragons’ Den has bought himself one of the most expensive cars in the world. But Paphitis has had some special modifications done to his £830,000 Maybach – it’s been kitted out in solid gold.

As you can see from the exclusive pictures below it now looks a brilliant golden yellow.

(click for sharper image)

According to Gold Made Simple it’s not just the outside that’s been ‘blinged’ to the max, the interior has also not been spared;

“Inside the car is where it starts to get really interesting. The steering wheel, air-con vents, floor, seats, roof, indicator stalks and even the screen on that sat-nav are all made of gold. To say the car is dripping in gold is an understatement.”

Unsurprisingly the car has lost some of its power because of the sheer weight of gold. According to the chauffeur the top speed is now only 47 miles per hour and the miles per gallon is now a budget busting 3.

For more exclusive pictures of the yellow beast click here.

We are perplexed about one thing though, the sheer cost. With the gold price at about £1050 per troy ounce Jason Cozens of Gold Made Simple estimates the cost of the car to be around £35m – making this the most expansive car on the planet.

And before you start thinking that this is just another person with more money than sence Gold Made Simple are quick to point out the following:

“But don’t think Paphitis is just all about flash cars. As well as being a successful entrepreneur and TV personality, Theo gives generously to charity and donates all his TV appearance, book and speaking fees to the Theo Paphitis Charitable Trust – you can find more information about it here.”

Link to this article: : http://www.goldmadesimplenews.com/gold/exclusive-theo-paphitis%e2%80%99-35m-solid-gold-maybach-car-spotted-6520/

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  1. Thestylishmrgordon

    Sounds like its certainly worth its weight in gold then (sorry, I just couldn’t resist)!

  2. As long as he has no other problems!

  3. Wouldn’t want to park THAT in a public lot. It would end up being the most stolen car in history.

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