Glint launches spendable gold via Mastercard & app


A London start-up is reintroducing gold as money a hundred years after people were using gold sovereigns. The Glint app lets users spend gold as money, any amount, anywhere.

Gold can be bought on the app at the touch of a button, it is stored in a Brink’s vault in Switzerland and can be spent anywhere Mastercard is accepted. There is no minimum load.

The re-launch of gold as a ‘global currency’ for the world’s digital payments system comes as the price of cryptocurrency continues to soar. However, by contrast to the unregulated bits of code exchanging hands for thousands of dollars, gold is seen as a safe haven. Glint’s gold is fully allocated and legally-owned by the Glint users.

Additionally, cryptocurrency is hard, if not impossible to spend, unlike the gold held via the Glint app.

Link to this article: : http://www.goldmadesimplenews.com/gold/glint-launches-spendable-gold-via-mastercard-app-13392/

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