Gold Bullion Bar Stolen

A gold bullion bar worth over half a million dollars was stolen from a Florida museum last Wednesday. Unfortunately the precious bar was not being guarded at the time.

The gold bar was part of a haul of treasure from the wreckage of the Spanish galleon Santa Margarita found off the Florida coast. The unfortunate ship was thought to have sank in a hurricane in 1622. The gold bar had been housed in at the Mel Fisher Museum in Key West when it was stolen. It had been displayed in a glass cabinet and visitors had been encouraged to touch the bar.

Museum Director Melissa Kendrick said “It was one of a kind”. Gold bullion bars of this nature are unique and will be very difficult to sell on. Recently a treasure trove was found off the Florida coast worth over $150,000 giving the Florida coastline the nickname of the “Treasure Coast”.

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Link to this article: : http://www.goldmadesimplenews.com/gold/gold-bullion-bar-stolen-185/

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