Gold price drifts lower only to ‘pop’ back towards $1650 as the bull/bear attrition battle rages on

Yesterday’s price action in gold, where the gold price drifts lower to around $1630 before the buyers turn up looks set to be tested once again today.

The gold price managed to close above $1650 yesterday. This morning gold was once again taken down to below $1640. And once again buyers have turned up to take gold back towards $1650.

This price action is exactly what happened yesterday and on monday. Both those previous closes managed to be above $1650 – smack bang in the middle of the 5 week trading range of $1680-$1620.

At the moment it seems like a very tough call to work out which way this price action is going to break. There seems to be solid buying around $1630 for the bulls and solid selling around $1680 for the bears.

So it really is going to be down to who blinks first or what piece can break gold out of this range either way – hopefully this frustrating range-bound period will be behind us soon.

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