Inflation is… standing on a train from Manchester to London

Back in April of this year we wrote about the internet supply for Georgia being shut down because a pensioner stole some copper wiring that was also keeping the country online. The point of the piece was to highlight the unintended consequence of a loose monetary policy and inflation (expansion of the money supply). We wrote:

In fact we can see there are many unintended, largely unseen and entirely denied consequences of inflation, or money printing. Inflation is the internet going down, inflation is incentives for the citizenry to enter into criminal enterprises (such as stealing statues for scrap), inflation is businesses going under and Inflation is, sometimes, prices moving higher.

Now add to that list “inflation is standing on a train from Manchester to London. This morning one of the Gold Made Simple News team was traveling trying to get to london but was severely delayed. When a train finally did tern up there were so many late commuters on the train that it was standing room only for the 2 hour+ journey. The reason? Because of yet another theft of copper piping from the railway.

This has become a real problem in the last three years, coinciding precisely with the time that the Bank of England start to print like mad may we add. Here is just a selection of headlines from the past three years:

BBC News 6 August 2009:

Train delays around Reading after copper wire theft

Daily Mail 28th December 2009:

We’re sorry for the delay of this train which is due to… thieves stealing copper cabling

Guardian 28th September 2010:

 Thieves on the line: copper raids on railways hit record levels

Guardian 30th September 2011:

Copper thefts from railways escalating out of control, warns union leader

And the reason why copper theft has become so prevalent is all to clear when one looks at a copper price chart:

(click for sharper image)

That’s more than 200% since the money printing really took hold in 2009.

So the next time you’re late or standing up on a train because of copper being stolen, just remember that the reason for your inconvenience is the inflation deliberately created by the Bank of England – for you see inflation isn’t a ‘general rise in the price level’. Inflation is money printing – and nothing else. And the consequences for the debauchery of the currency are many and often hidden – you can now add ‘standing on a train’ to the long and varied list of the hidden consequences of inflation.

Look for more copper thefts from the railways to become an even bigger problem over the next year. And undoubtedly look for the government at some point to make an announcement about plans to tackle yet another problem entirely of their own making.



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