The Qualities of Gold Bullion

Gold has numerous qualities and characteristics that make this metal very precious. Its beauty and power has had an affect on man for centuries, but it also has numerous attributes that make it an extremely important metal.

Gold is an alloy and its chemical symbol is Au. It is an excellent conductor of heat and electricity and it is odourless and tasteless. Gold is non corrosive which makes it perfect to be used in dentistry and its ductile qualities means it can used for making crowns and false teeth. Also due to its malleability, gold can be beaten down till its almost translucent to make delicate gold leaf.

Gold is also used as a form of monetary exchange and for insurance purposes. Many investors, whether it be individuals, central banks or governments buy gold bullion as a hedge against inflation and social, political and economic uncertainties. Physical gold bullion can be bought in the form of gold bars or coins. Buying gold jewellery for its investment potential is also gaining in popularity.

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