UK Largest Gold Bullion Find

Last week saw the first anniversary of the largest Anglo Saxon gold bullion find in the UK.

The hoard was discovered in Staffordshire by treasure hunter Terry Hibbert. Through the use of only a metals detector his find included 2.5kg of silver and 5kg of gold. Previously the largest discovery of Anglo Saxon gold totaled 1.5kg at Sutton Hoo in Suffolk 1939.

Along with 1500 silver and gold pieces, this exciting find included a total of 1,345 artifacts including jewel encrusted swords, broaches, pendants and other remnants reflecting life in Anglo Saxon times. The trove has been declared a National Treasure though Mr Hibbert and the farmer, who owns the field where the discovery was made, share a finders fee. This find is a fine example of how gold was seen as a precious commodity centuries ago and remains so today as individuals are still buying gold products and adornments.

Link to this article: : http://www.goldmadesimplenews.com/gold/uk-largest-gold-bullion-find-143/

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