US Gold Bullion Depository

The US Bullion Depository based at Fort Knox Kentucky, has been well known throughout the world for holding the worlds largest amount of gold bullion reserve. In recent years however, this has changed as the Federal Reserve Bank in New York now holds the biggest supply of gold bullion in the world.

When we think of Fort Knox we often compare it to how it is portrayed in the movies. This is not far from the truth as 3000 troops and Apache helicopters are used to guard this famous Kentucky landmark.

The US Bullion depository has been located in Fort Knox since 1937. It is estimated that over 4,603 tons of gold bullion bars and coins are held in its fortified vault. The vault door is blast proof and the walls are lined with granite. The combination is not entrusted to one single person but portions of the combination is known only to a trusted few.

Link to this article: : http://www.goldmadesimplenews.com/gold/us-gold-bullion-depository-168/

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