World Gold Council: 2013 was a record breaking year for bar and coin demand

Yesterday we posted the full-year 2013 gold demand numbers from the World Gold Council – they showed that worldwide gold bar and coin demand surged an incredible 28% last year.

Below is a summary video from the World Gold Council of those numbers.

Take aways include:

    • It was the year of the consumer – and was a global phenomenon
    • Demand continues its shift from West to East
    • India bar and coin up 16% (government demand suppression not working then)
    • Turkey bar and coin up 134%!
    • Indonesia bar and coin up 36%
    • China bar and coin up 38%
    • US bar and coin up 26%
    • Central banks continue to be net-buyers of gold
    • Global investment in bars and coins rose 28%
    • Supply was 4340 tonnes DOWN 2%
    • Scrap was DOWN 14%
    • Strong diverse demand and constrained supply will continue to drive long-term support for the metal

And in the face off all that record breaking demand, the price fell nearly 30% – quite amazing when you think about it, and hardly what you’d call a ‘normal’ bear market, characterised by people’s loss of faith in an asset.

As we mentioned yesterday, keep and eye on those gold ETFs in 2014 – should they start adding, and demand continues to be strong, the price will surely follow.

Link to this article: : http://www.goldmadesimplenews.com/gold/word-gold-council-2013-was-a-record-breaking-year-for-bar-and-coin-demand-12548/

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