Nigel Farage: I think the Euro will end in large scale violence

Hot on the heels of UKIP’s very successful local elections in the UK – basically confirming UKIP as the main third party in the UK after the Lib Dems were pushed into a very distant fourth – come’s its leader, Nigel Farage, with a mighty spring in his step, and a more serious tone than usual.

During the rather long titled “Workshop for senior editors: The future of Europe in a time of crisis (with the participation of Group presidents)” seminar held in Brussels yesterday, Farage in a little over 5 minutes broke down just how serious the problems with Europe is.

He starts off by asking quite a fundamental point, just what is Europe? Is it the flag, the anthem or is even it its glass and steel structures? Farage concludes that it is none of these things, and that in fact the word ‘Europe’ has been highjacked – just like many other words in the English language (inflation anyone?):

I think the word Europe has been highjacked by a political project, and these people claim to represent Europe when i don’t think they do. I think Europe is a vibrant, exciting, by far the most exciting part of the Earth’s surface,  where we have a huge multiplicity of languages and cultures and histories and talents and individuality.

And what is happening here, this attempt to drive everybody together, to forge one new state… but the way it has been done has been utterly dishonest from the start.

He then goes on to give a pretty stark prediction:

It [the €) doesn’t work and it can’t work… i don’t see things getting better, in fact every week that goes by i think they are getting much worse, so what we have is a battle, economic logic says breakup the Eurozone, let those countries go free, give them devaluation and a chance as the Icelandic nation proved that they can get back to prosperity, but against that we have the Iron political will refusing to admit failure.

I think the Eurozone will end in large scale violence, i think it will end in political extremism, i think it will end, sadly, in the Southern nations and the Northern nations hating each other, ironic that a project supposed to stop nationalism has is breeding it.

We hope that he is wrong in his assessment that the Euro will end in large scale violence – but we have a sinking feeling he might just be right.

Link to this article: : http://www.goldmadesimplenews.com/interviews/nigel-farage-i-think-the-euro-will-end-in-large-scale-violence-10704/

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