Meet Dominic Frisby’s ‘Debt Bomb’ – Song would be number 1 in the chart if released

Good friend of Gold Made Simple, Dominic Frisby, has really excelled in his latest offering. He manages to cut through all the MSM crap on the financial crisis in one simple song which is a reworking of the song ‘Sex Bomb’ – and he also manages to get some burlesque dancers in there too, well played sir.

Why is it that those with an Austrian Economic bent seem to be born with a sense of humour whereas those of Kenysesian bent seem to have had theirs surgically removed at birth – when did you last hear Krugman crack a joke or two?

As a quick aside, songs can get to number 1 in the UK with as little as 30,ooo units shifted in one week. Frisby’s ‘Debt Bomb’ song has had nearly 70,000 view on Youtube in 6 days.

Check out the Debt Bomb website here.



(Lyrics by Dominic Frisby)

Aw, aw baby, yeah, ooh yeah, huh, listen to this

Mortgages, cars, consumer shite
Government spending all through the night
Pensions and healthcare and welfare rights
Education , wars to fight

Run up a deficit, ignore the facts
Blame someone else, put up tax
I can’t deny we had a crack
But now we gotta pay it back

Debt bomb, debt bomb, you’re a debt bomb uh hu
The addiction to credit just goes on and on and on – give it to me
Debt bomb, debt bomb, you’re a debt bomb
A bail-out ooh you’re turn me on

You know what you’re doing to me don’t you. ha ha,
I know you do

If you can’t afford it don’t be ill at ease – no
Spend it anyway, you’ve got voters to appease
Take the prudent savers and just give them a squeeze
That’s the economics of Keynes

Quantitative easing, zero interest rates
Steal from the future, hide the bad mistakes
We gotta keep those asset prices high
Don’t matter if the credit’s dry

Debt bomb, debt bomb, you’re a debt bomb uh hu
Try to pay the debt off with inflation
Debt bomb, debt bomb, you’re a debt bomb
Malinvestment ooh you’re turn me on

A boom brought about by credit will always bust
You’ve then got two choices, decide you must
Abandon the addiction, the credit lust
Or the currency collapses , it just turns to worthless dust

Debt bomb, debt bomb, you’re a debt bomb uh hu
Destroy the country’s money, anything to carry on
Debt bomb, debt bomb, you’re a debt bomb
Bubbles ooh you’re turn me on

Link to this article: : http://www.goldmadesimplenews.com/media/meet-dominic-frisbys-debt-bomb-song-would-be-number-1-in-the-chart-if-released-7529/

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