Meet Mike Maloney – why gold can be a better choice than fiat or Bitcoin currency.

Today we revisit this small series of 7 videos where Mike Maloney, best selling author of ‘Guide to Investing in Gold and Silver’, educates viewers about money and how it works.

In this short documentary series Mike gives the viewer a foundation into Economics and Money and shows why gold can be a better choice than fiat currency. He illustrates how gold is money and how people can only have the same opportunity to prosper if there is individual freedom, free markets, and sound money.

Whoever you are, wether you are still in the educational system, starting your career, in or out of the financial system then this will give you an alternative perspective than that given by the status quo that will better equip you in your navigation of the uncertain world in which we all live.

Link to this article: : http://www.goldmadesimplenews.com/media/meet-mike-maloney-why-gold-can-be-a-better-choice-than-fiat-or-bitcoin-currency-12857/

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