Silver Panda coins on sale once again.

Consider this: the China Mint will likely limit its 2011 production of One-Ounce Silver Pandas as it does every year. To how many? Who knows!

But I doubt it’ll be as high as the quantity of Silver Eagles (the American equivalent to the Silver Panda) struck by the U.S. Mint—30+ million in 2010!

Only a small fraction of the expected 2011 mintage of China Silver Pandas will receive the China Mint’s official First Strike certification.

And as the exclusive distributor for these coveted coins, we’re the only ones to have even that tiny quantity!

Look All You Want. You Won’t Find These First Strike™ One-Ounce Silver Pandas Anywhere Else!
As the very first coins struck, each of these spanking new Silver Pandas is the very finest of the entire mintage for 2011—and always among the most sought-after of all coin issues by buyers worldwide.

We’ve made it very difficult for most people to acquire one, however, because we bought the entire worldwide supply.

In fact, even the growing market among Chinese collectors will be disappointed. Just exactly how many Silver Panda collectors in China will even have a chance to own the best of the best of their own Mint’s finest coins?

Collectible coins from China are so popular, it’s taken even me by surprise, and I’ve been in the coin business for 35 years. That’s because China is a unique market today. As Warren Tucker, director of world coins at Heritage Auctions, put it:

“In so many areas right now, and especially in numismatics, China is very hot.”

He has good reason to say so. At the Chicago International Coin Fair, his auction house sold a 1993 People’s Republic of China five-piece platinum quarter-ounce 25 Yuan set
graded Gem Proof.

The base estimate before the auction was $2,000. The final bid? An amazing $54,625.

“When a coin that is estimated at only $2,000 ends up at almost $55,000,” Tucker added, “that tells us clearly that the eyes of collectors are on, or in, China.” Which means this could be the perfect time for you to take advantage of this unprecedented demand for Chinese coins!

But even as I shipped off our limited supply to one of the leading independent coin grading companies, Professional Coin Grading Service (PCGS), I really didn’t know how good they might be.

Their assessment? Even better than I could have ever imagined! From among all these sparkling first-ever 2011 coins, PCGS identified a small, but significant, number in absolutely flawless, perfect MS70 condition! That’s the highest grade a coin can earn. MS70 designates a state of absolute perfection, the most sought after by collectors.

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