The Benefits of Alternative Assets »

alternative investments

Financial planning during the current low interest rate environment is a difficult task for many investors as historically low interest rates have made certificates of deposits; cash and short term bonds an unattractive…

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Gold News

Greenspan hints at a gold backed Yuan in China and considers gold the ‘ultimate’ money »

alan greenspan

The former head of the Federal Reserve in the US, Alan Greenspan (he of massive housing bubble fame), has…

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Keynes was a failure in Japan – No need to embrace him in Europe »

Tokyo’s Ginza on Sunday (photo by Groink)

Draghi’s volte-face two weeks ago has emboldened the Keynesian majority in the media and in economic research departments. It…

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Our obsession with monetary stimulus will end in disaster »

(Image by Stuart Miles)

The following is a commentary I wrote for The Forum section of London business-paper City A.M. It was published…

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World Gold Council 2014 Q2 Gold Trends report – central banks increase buying by 28% »

Gold demand vs 10-year average

Today the World Gold Council released their 2014 Q2 Trends Report (which can be read in full here) –…

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Gold Charts

Gold and Silver Media

  • beer inflation adjusted gold

    Using the ‘Beer Price Index’ the all time inflation adjusted high price of gold is £3730...

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  • Frizola having fun with his debt bomb1

    Meet Dominic Frisby’s ‘Debt Bomb’ – Song would be number 1 in the chart...

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  • IMF reduces UK GDP growth outlook

    IMF cuts the UK GDP growth outlook this year and next – prediction of a near £500bn BoE ...

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  • Utah gold and silver in use

    Historic Utah bill passes: Gold and Silver to be recognised as legal tender once again...

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  • CPI Feb IR 2012

    Bank of England: Inflation by 2013 could be 4%… or minus 0.5% – take your pick...

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  • gold invesmtent vrs jewelry

    European gold investment demand up 135% year on year...

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  • Paper money collapse

    Operation Twisted Logic – Why the Fed is the problem, not the solution...

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  • Ron Paul hearing

    Watch congressional hearing by Ron Paul on a return to the gold standard...

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  • Ron Paul CNBC

    Ron Paul: This is the biggest problem the world has ever faced...

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  • Tim Geithner

    Video: If Geithner was wrong – what about Ben Bernanke?...

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  • Putin

    Video: Putin’s reaction to the Debt Ceiling increase...

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  • An Introduction to Gold Made Simple ®

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  • Screen shot 2011-02-04 at 15.09.27

    Mainstream Media Agree: Crack Up Boom in Food

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  • GoldNomics – Cash or Gold Bullion?

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Mario Draghi, ECB (photo by IMF:Stephen Jaffe)

As Germany loses battle for ECB, QE goes global »

What is Super Mario up to? First, he gave an unexpectedly dovish speech at the Jackson Hole conference, rather ungallantly upstaging the host, Ms Yellen, who was widely anticipated to…

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Janet Yellen’s game of Jenga »

Jenga Tower (Photo by Guma89)

Janet Yellen has a plan. The plan is to exit the ultra-loose policy of the Federal Reserve, and to do so very…

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The Bank of England’s paper on money creation, and a reply to David Graeber »

Photographer Graeme Weatherston

That David Graeber was not happy with my previous blog did not surprise me. Yet, his reply gave me cause to pause…

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Bitcoin has theory and history on its side »

Money of no authority source CASASCIUS

The Bitcoin phenomenon has now reached the mainstream media where it met with a reception that ranged from sceptical to outright hostile.…

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Real wages in the UK continue to fall and have been negative for OVER 5 years – what ‘recovery’? » Bank of England keeps rates a historic lows despite nearly hitting their unemployment ‘forward guidance’ level » Unemployment rate is STILL above 7%, youth unemployment above 20% – And every worker owes £75,000 in UK debt » UK productions numbers come in much worse than expected as REAL wages CONTINUE to fall – some ‘recovery’ » UK Manufacturing PMI: Input costs and price inflation both accelerate hitting a 28 month high »


gold $ 6 jan 2014 b

100 jobs to go at New Zealand’s biggest gold mine as the price of gold remains BELOW the cost of production »

As we pointed out a couple of days ago, the gold price has now been below the cost of digging it out of the ground for nearly a month. And…

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Gold output increases by 12% from a year earlier in Australia »

Gold mine gear

Despite the gold price getting hammered in 2013, it appears this hasn’t dented Australia’s gold mining production as it puts in an…

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Small cap gold companies shine in the UK as investors flock to the miners »

hui september 3rd 2013

The Telegraph is out this week with and interesting piece about where UK investors are putting their money – as it turns…

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Largest gold miner in Australia reports $5.77bn loss »

world gold production

Regular reader will know that since the gold price decline at the start of the year, the gold miners are starting to…

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More gold to be taken off-line as China keeps gobbling up gold mines » More Job cuts at Australian gold mines – this time at one of the biggest » South African Gold Mines: “The sun is setting on the industry” » With gold at $1220 60% of South African gold miners are losing money » Yet another Australian gold mine closes its doors »


WGC full 2013 gold demand

World Gold Council: 2013 was a record breaking year for bar and coin demand »

Yesterday we posted the full-year 2013 gold demand numbers from the World Gold Council - they showed that worldwide gold bar and coin demand surged an incredible 28% last year.…

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