• Project management certification is one of the best certifications in the world that acts as a proof of your superior knowledge, skills, and grasp on the subject. According to payscale, project managers earn around $100K per annum in developed economies and around $30k per annum in developing economies like India. So, without a doubt, every… [Continue Reading]

    5 Reasons Why You Need a PMP Certification
  • Ever since AplhaGo, a learning computer built by Deep Mind, beat the world Go champion in Seoul Korea in March 2016, AI has been firmly on the map, and when you consider the depth of play in this ancient Chinese board game, it amazing that a computer learned how to play the game and after… [Continue Reading]

    Artificial Intelligence: The Future is Here
  • In order to run a successful business which is viable in the long term, it’s a wise idea to find innovative ways to reduce your business’ costs. As if you decrease your spending, you’ll be able to keep a greater portion of your profits. Which will increase your business’ chances of being a long term… [Continue Reading]

    How To Reduce Your Business Costs